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Barbecue food:

Special Barbecue Packs:

Meat Pack:    
This pack consists of the following:

    4 Peppered steaks
    4 Chinese style chicken breast fillets
    2 Racks of ribs
    8 Quarter pounder burgers (95% beef)
    1 Pound of Cumberland Saussages
Don't forget to order some extra saussages and some extra racks of ribs.

Portuguese Sardines:     Extra large sardines which will take you back to the docks in Portugal where they are grilled out in the open.

Fillet Steaks:     Delicious steaks which are nice and thick and won't burn easily.

Swordfish Steaks:     Each steak is an 8 - 10 oz steak (200 - 225 g).  Ideal barbecued.

Tuna Steaks:     Truly delicious on the barbeque.  8 - 10 oz (200 - 225 g) steaks.

Pork Valentine Steaks:     Great on the barbecue as an alternative to grilling.

Lobster Tails:     Just yummy!   What more can I say?
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